Black History Month Resources

To help you integrate Black History Month into your classroom, NEA and AFT offers a selection of lesson plans that cover a variety subjects and that can be adapted to fit multiple grade levels.

Press Release
Statement regarding Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

United Teachers Los Angeles is unequivocally opposed to today’s Senate confirmation of Betsy DeVos, a billionaire who has never attended, nor taught at a public school and who has instead used her inherited fortune to privatize public schools.  Moreover, DeVos has funded some of the most aggressive anti-LGBT efforts in the country.

Bargain With POWER Survey

Bargaining is an essential element in our fight for the Schools LA Students Deserve, and your participation in the process is invaluable. Our 2014-2017 UTLA-LAUSD collective bargaining agreement expires on June 30, 2017, and we are asking members to provide input in the development of proposals and priorities as we move toward bargaining for a successor collective bargaining agreement (new contract).

10,000 Stand Up to Shield Our Schools

Throngs of parents, students, educators, and community members throughout LAUSD took to Twitter and the streets on January 19 to shield our schools from racism, privatization, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and destructive proposals coming from the Donald Trump administration.

President's Perspective
Organizing our School-Site Strength in 2017

As with every year, our priorities in 2017 will be driven by the school site and classrooms. January re-connections with two people I hadn’t spoken with for years — way too long — reinforced this for me.

Phone-Bank/Canvass for Zimmer & Padilla

It is urgent we contact as many voters as possible to elect Imelda Padilla and re-elect Steve Zimmer to the Los Angeles School Board, as educators face historic attacks billionaires and privatizers like Eli Broad and the charter lobby, California Charter Schools Association, who want to buy our school board. Union buster Richard Riordan has already spent $1 million specifically to unseat Zimmer, and millions more will be coming. We can only beat their millions with thousands of members making phone calls and knocking on doors. We must fight back for our profession, our students and our communities!

Press Release
#SchoolTrump Storm Hits School Sites and Twitter

Throngs of parents, students, educators and community members throughout LAUSD took to Twitter and the streets today to shield their schools from racism, privatization, anti-immigrant rhetoric and discriminatory policies from the incoming Trump administration.

President's Perspective
Rejuvenation — then action

You have reached winter break, and you deserve every moment of rest and rejuvenation that you will get. You are the backbone of our schools, our service to students, our communities, our union, and our profession. Enjoy this time.

Health & Human Services Survey

UTLA is presently engaged in communication with the District through a HHS recruitment and retention taskforce. Formed last year, the taskforce was established to collect ideas from UTLA members on how to improve recruitment and retention in your specific job classifications.

Reshaping Power Dynamics at our School Sites

At schools across L.A., educators are organizing with parents and the community, putting energy behind issue-focused campaigns to address problems that impact their schools. From taking on dysfunctional administrators to organizing against charter co-location ...