New Legislative Push for Charter School Accountability

Four new legislative bills that would bring much-needed accountability, transparency, and equity to charter schools were introduced in Sacramento this month. The legislation will be joined by an additional bill in coming weeks, forming a package of proposals that would support the creation of Community Schools and hold privately operated charters to some of the same standards as traditional public schools.

President's Perspective
UTLA’s Modus Operandi: Coalition Building for Power

It was an inspiring scene in front of Arminta Street Elementary School in the East San Fernando Valley on March 16. I was marching and chanting with Arminta Street teacher Debbie Schneider-Solis, her co-workers, and a great group of Arminta parents to protest a potential Prop. 39 co-location by Celerity charter.

California Alliance for Community Schools

A new coalition representing of eight California teacher unions unites parents, community, educators, and students together in our commitment to transforming public education in ways that contribute to a more just, equitable, and participatory society.

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Marcha Por LA Unidad (Women's March)

Cientos llegaron al centro de la ciudad como parte de la marcha de unidad. (Hundreds came to the city center as part of the unity march.)

Black History Month Resources

To help you integrate Black History Month into your classroom, NEA and AFT offers a selection of lesson plans that cover a variety subjects and that can be adapted to fit multiple grade levels.

10,000 Stand Up to Shield Our Schools

Throngs of parents, students, educators, and community members throughout LAUSD took to Twitter and the streets on January 19 to shield our schools from racism, privatization, anti-immigrant rhetoric, and destructive proposals coming from the Donald Trump administration.

2017 CTA Scholarships, Grants & Awards Opportunities

The following scholarships, grants and awards are currently available to members and their dependent children. We encourage you to share this information to others, who you feel may benefit from these scholarships.

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Black Lives Matter Dorsey HS

On Thursday, September 29, over 800 high school students, educators, and leaders from Black Lives Matter met at Dorsey High School to discuss the state of education for black youth across Los Angeles.