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UTLA Calls on Supt. Michelle King to Close District for May 1 Rights March

May 1, 2017, is expected to be the largest action for worker and immigrant rights since the massive May 1 action in 2006. Given that major parts of the city will be inaccessible, mass student walk-outs are expected, and many school employees would like to participate, the UTLA Board of Directors is calling for LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King to close the district on this day. 

Press Release
New California Coalition will Fight for Public Schools through Community Power

United around common struggles and a shared vision, eight California teachers’ union locals have joined forces in a groundbreaking new coalition, the California Alliance for Community Schools. With the strength of more than 50,000 educators behind it, the California Alliance launched this month and aims to help build a movement to fight the Donald Trump/Betsy DeVos agenda to privatize our public schools.

New Legislative Push for Charter School Accountability

Four new legislative bills that would bring much-needed accountability, transparency, and equity to charter schools were introduced in Sacramento this month. The legislation will be joined by an additional bill in coming weeks, forming a package of proposals that would support the creation of Community Schools and hold privately operated charters to some of the same standards as traditional public schools.

President's Perspective
UTLA’s Modus Operandi: Coalition Building for Power

It was an inspiring scene in front of Arminta Street Elementary School in the East San Fernando Valley on March 16. I was marching and chanting with Arminta Street teacher Debbie Schneider-Solis, her co-workers, and a great group of Arminta parents to protest a potential Prop. 39 co-location by Celerity charter.

Phone-Bank/Canvass for Zimmer & Padilla

It is urgent we contact as many voters as possible to elect Imelda Padilla and re-elect Steve Zimmer to the Los Angeles School Board, as educators face historic attacks billionaires and privatizers like Eli Broad and the charter lobby, California Charter Schools Association, who want to buy our school board.

California Alliance for Community Schools

A new coalition representing of eight California teacher unions unites parents, community, educators, and students together in our commitment to transforming public education in ways that contribute to a more just, equitable, and participatory society.

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No al ingreso de una escuela chárter dentro de un campus del LAUSD

Maritza García, junto a sus dos hijos, tomaron hoy pancartas de protesta y convocaron a un grupo de padres y estudiantes frente al auditorio de la primaria Magnolia Avenue, cerca del centro de Los Ángeles, para demostrar su oposición al ingreso de una escuela chárter en su campus.

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Protestas en Contra de Escualas "Charter"

Hoy se llevó a cabo una marcha North Hollywood a favor de los proyectos de ley estatales que se oponen a las escuelas expresé desconocidas- se trata de los proyectos presentados la asamblea estatal y el pesebre 808 en el senado los participantes se oponen a estos centros por el hecho de que se eliminan recursos de las escuelas regulares para dárselos a ésta el medio de una gran controversia se escuchamos a la candidata la junta de educación imelda padilla.

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No Queieren Escualas "Charter"

Padres de una escuela primaria le piden a su distrito escolar que reconsideren la posibilidad de ocupar algunas de sus aulas para una escuela Charter. Manifestantes insisten con que es parte de una política más amplia para impulsar las escuelas Charter y lo calificaron como un negocio. (Elementary school parents are asking their school district to reconsider the possibility of occupying some of their classrooms for a charter school. Protesters insist that it is part of a broader policy to boost Charter schools and branded it as a business.)

Press Release
Protecting Our Students Against Unaccountable Charter Schools

Parents, students and community leaders will rally around two state bills AB 1478 and SB 808 aimed at school accountability and local control. They will also be calling for rescinding offers of co-location to Celerity charter schools, currently under local and federal investigation for fraud, corruption, embezzlement, financial malfeasance and conflicts of interest.