PACE stands for The Political Action Council of Educators, which is the official political arm of United Teachers of Los Angeles. It is funded exclusively by members of UTLA who also choose to join PACE, and thereby agree to make modest monthly contributions in addition to their normal UTLA dues. PACE is YOUR VOICE in the political arena.


PACE School Board Election Endorsements

UTLA PACE is endorsing District 4, Steve Zimmer and District 6, Imelda Padilla for the LAUSD School Board.


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2016 Election 

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The deadline to register or re-register to vote for any election is 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the 15th calendar day before that election. If you submit an application after this time, your application will still be processed for future elections.

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What we do

PACE funds political action! PACE pools the resources of its members and provides a war chest to fund political campaigns aimed at protecting our students, our teacher members, and our rights.  PACE pays for voter communications such as direct mail campaigns, phone banking, precinct walking, social media, TV and Radio Commercials and other means to support political candidates and initiatives that support teachers and students, and to oppose those that would harm our interests. 

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LAUSD Board Members Directory

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Contact PACE Organizers

Oraiu Amoni, Political Director — Oraiu manages the overall development, implementation, and evaluation of UTLA’s political field campaigns and UTLA’s efforts to shape policy and legislation in locations through lobbying in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Washington, D.C.  Collaboratively, he also directs the building of relationships and accountability between our members, parents, community and elected officials at local, state and national levels, on an organizing, as well as, rank-and file based approach.

Oraiu can be reached at or 213.637.5157

Astine Suleimanyan, Political Organizer— Astine leads UTLA field campaigns to pass pro-public education and related legislation and to elect UTLA-endorsed candidates.  Such campaigns involve union leadership, professional and other UTLA staff, campaign organizing coordinators, member volunteers and community service volunteers.  She also guides the design and implementation of campaigns and political strategies to promote pro-public education and related legislation and policies, and to elect UTLA-endorsed candidates. 

Astine can be reached at or 213.637.5174

Evangela (Evy) Vaughn, Senior Administrative Coordinator — Evy provides administrative, technical, and clerical support for the Political and Strategic Research Directors. 

Evy can be reached at or 213.637.5148