Above, Assemblymember Tony Thurmond, District 15, talks about his candidacy for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2018 in front of a crowd at the 2017 UTLA Leadership Conference PACE reception.


Why Join PACE?

PACE is your voice in the political arena

PACE pools the resources of its members and provides a war chest to fund political campaigns aimed at protecting our students, our educators and our rights. We use PACE to support bills and candidates that are pro-equitable education. 

PACE is funded exclusively by members of UTLA who choose to join PACE and thereby agree to make modest monthly contributions in addition to their normal UTLA dues.

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Above, Rachel Maddow explains, "As go unions, so goes the Democratic Party" In 2017, the LAUSD School Board elections became the most expensive in U.S. history when billionaires spent nearly $15 million in outside spending for a seat on the Board. We can fight back with your PACE contributions to help us pay for voter communications, such as direct mail campaigns, phonebanking, precinct walking, social media, TV and Radio Commercials and other means to support political candidates and initiatives who support YOU and to also fight those who want to harm our interests.



CTA's TEXT TO CONNECT: Text "UTLA" to 69866 to access important legislation & legislators. *Additional data rates may apply. Check with your carrier.


Assembly & State Bills Affecting Public Education​​​​​​

This bill would take away essential per-pupil funding and resources from the 97 STEM schools already in existence in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Investment in our existing STEM school s — not a billionaire one-school carve-out — is how we help equity and access for all students, including students of color and our most under-served students. FULL BILL 


  • SB 808: State Senator Tony Mendoza (author)
    Limits Charter School Authority to Local District

    SB 808 would give local school boards final say in denying a charter authorization without appeals to the county or state. Right now, charter operators can go above the local school board, as Celerity Educational Group did after its approval was rejected by the LAUSD School Board in the wake of the FBI investigation for fraud and fiscal mismanagement. READ MORE

    Status: SB 808 is now two-year bill, allowing time for a major Senate Education Committee hearing on charter accountability in Los Angeles in the fall. UTLA will be organizing with parents and community groups in support of local control at the hearing and to ensure parent and educator voices heard on the negative impact of unregulated charter expansion on neighborhood public schools. FULL BILL


  • AB 842: Assemblymember Mike Gipson (author)
    Supporting Community Schools

    AB 842 would make investment in a Community Schools model, with culturally relevant curriculum, wraparound services, more teaching and less testing, increased staffing, positive behavior support, and parent-community engagement. READ MORE

    Status: AB 842 has passed the Assembly Education Committee and is on a two-year cycle. Focus is on making sure legislation as written does not undermine Local Control Funding Formula. Also exploring other options under Prop. 47 and 64 to fund a Community Schools model. FULL BILL


  • AB 1360: Assemblymember Rob Bonta (author)
    Equity & Student Access at Charter Schools

    AB 1360 would prevent discriminatory admission and suspension practices at charters and require charters to serve high-needs students at the same level as public schools to ensure equity and access for all students. An ACLU report, “Unequal Access,” found that more than 20 percent of California’s charter schools deny access to students with disabilities, English learners, or students who have lower grades and test scores. READ MORE

    Status: AB 1360 has passed Assembly floor on 69-2 vote. Passed Senate Education Committee on 7-0 vote and referred to Appropriations Committee. FULL BILL


  • AB 1478: Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer (author)
    Charter School Accountability & Transparency

    AB 1478 would hold charters to the same conflict-of-interest laws and disclosure regulations that public schools follow and limit inappropriate profiteering that drives so many of these corporate charter companies. READ MORE

    Status: Bill cleared Assembly Education and Assembly Judiciary committees and is on two-year cycle. Some language being added to make it more pertinent to Los Angeles and to ensure regulations apply uniformly to charter management organizations throughout the state. FULL BILL





Make it Fair California campaign
Reform Prop. 13: Closing Tax Loopholes on Commercial Properties


The Make It Fair campaign is standing up to Trump and making our state more self-reliant by closing a loophole, leveling the playing field, and updating under-assessed commercial properties based on their actual value. Make It Fair will provide $9 billion of annual revenue that can be used to protect education, health care and the other services we care about from Trump’s cuts while protecting small businesses and reaffirming Prop 13’s protections for homeowners. This common sense correction to our property tax system will generate billions of dollars in desperately needed revenue by updating under-assessed commercial properties based on their actual value and creating a level playing field for all businesses. #MakeItFairCA | #FairShareCA



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Contact PACE Organizers

Political Director — vacant

Oraiu manages the overall development, implementation, and evaluation of UTLA’s political field campaigns and UTLA’s efforts to shape policy and legislation in locations through lobbying in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Washington, D.C.  Collaboratively, he also directs the building of relationships and accountability between our members, parents, community and elected officials at local, state and national levels, on an organizing, as well as, rank-and file based approach.


Astine Suleimanyan, Political Organizer — Astine can be reached at asuleimanyan@utla.net or 213.637.5174 Read more of what Astine does

Astine leads UTLA field campaigns to pass pro-public education and related legislation and to elect UTLA-endorsed candidates.  Such campaigns involve union leadership, professional and other UTLA staff, campaign organizing coordinators, member volunteers and community service volunteers.  She also guides the design and implementation of campaigns and political strategies to promote pro-public education and related legislation and policies, and to elect UTLA-endorsed candidates. 


Evangela (Evy) Vaughn, Senior Administrative Coordinator — Evy can be reached at evaughn@utla.net or 213.637.5148 Read more on what Evy does

Evy provides administrative, technical, and clerical support for the Political and Strategic Research Directors.