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We, the undersigned Coordinators, are writing to express our opposition to LAUSD’s unilateral decision to change the required onsite obligation for our positions from 6 hours to 8 hours.

As professional educators, the overwhelming majority of UTLA members at LAUSD have been afforded the ability to use our professional judgment as to where and when the final two hours of our workday are completed, so long as the important work that we all do is done well in the service of our students and school communities.

This flexibility has allowed educators to manage infamously heavy workloads while managing family obligations and other important scheduling challenges. The flexibility to use our professional judgment to determine when it is important for us to stay on campus beyond 6 hours and when the work can best be completed elsewhere has made it possible for us to excel in the important work that we do for our school programs.

We have also appreciated that committing to an additional two-hour onsite obligation has consistently been voluntary. Many of us accepted our current positions with the understanding that we would have a six-hour onsite obligation. Changing that on us now would force many of us to leave these positions, disrupting the progress we are making in our programs.

In a society where family responsibilities still fall disproportionately on mothers and grandmothers and are even more challenging for those of us without additional economic support, this unilateral change will have a disparate impact on a group of educators who already face hurdles in our professional lives.

We are confident, from our experience doing the work, that the current six-hour onsite obligation does not put a limit on our success in our work but just the opposite – it allows us to be successful. We demand that LAUSD rescind its’ unilateral change and return our positions to a six-hour onsite obligation.


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