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UTLA members lay out ground-breaking demands for Beyond Recovery contract campaign

Three years after the historic UTLA strike in 2019 where educators marched with parents and the community in the streets of LA, we have officially launched our new contract campaign with parent leafleting at school sites and the official start of negotiations.

On May 12, the expanded UTLA Bargaining Team of 80-plus UTLA members presented our ground-breaking package of demands to the district. The proposals were shaped from the Beyond Recovery platform endorsed by a 96% Yes vote of UTLA members.

This is UTLA’s most ambitious bargaining platform to date, built to meet the needs of students, educators, and communities beyond recovery.

The demands include:

  • 20% salary increase over two years for all UTLA members so the district can find educators willing to work in the most expensive city in the country
  • universal class-size reduction across grades and school types to offer students more personalized instruction
  • increased staffing and reduced caseloads for counselors, PSAs, PSWs, and school psychologists to meet the social-emotional needs of students
  • tangible commitments from the district to help address food and housing insecurity and environmental issuesthat impact LAUSD families and students’ readiness to learn

and more — read the summary and full package for proposals on Co-Location, Overtesting, Ethnic Studies, Community Schools and the Black Student Achievement Plan, Bilingual Education, Special Education, Early Education, Adult Education, CTE, Teacher, Physical Education, Arts Education, Itinerants, Secondary Counselors, Health & Human Services, Substitute Educators, and Pilot/ESBMM/LIS Schools. 

“These past few years have fueled the growing demands by educators to be treated with respect,” UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz said. “Educators are underpaid, overworked, and provide a social good for young people, yet our calls for change are ignored. It’s time for LAUSD to use its $3 billion in reserves to invest in future generations and in the people who teach and support them. As educators, we know we will have to fight for our demands, and we are ready to double down on building the collective power to win.”