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UTLA rejects extended school year

On May 19 the expanded UTLA Bargaining Team met with LAUSD and answered their questions about seven of the 23 articles in our package of proposals. We provided responses and explained the need for each of the proposals discussed. LAUSD has not yet provided a response to our proposals.

The UTLA Bargaining Team also made a formal proposal rejecting the district’s extended school year idea. Our proposal on the calendar does not include a longer year, does not include any “Accelerated Days,” and protects our Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks. The district did not respond to the proposal yet.

“We are all exhausted and traumatized from the last two years. We see it in educators, our students, and our families. So many of our students have suffered COVID trauma in their families; some have had to say goodbye over Zoom or behind glass. LAUSD should invest money in supporting their mental well-being, not laying on more work. These extra days will do nothing to improve academics. Our concrete proposals will do that and more.”

—Beth Clark, Westminster MTES ES and Bargaining Team Member

Special Education teachers provided an in-depth review of our proposals to improve the working and learning conditions in Special Education. We described in great detail our proposals to provide more time for IEPs, implement enforceable class size and caseload caps, protect baseline assistants from reassignment, ensure the necessary supports for educators and students in expanded inclusion schools, and more.

“As a special education teacher, I think it is important for LAUSD to hear directly from those of us who have been struggling under the severe underfunding of our program. We told them clearly that LAUSD has to do better for special education teachers and students. All students have individual needs. Our proposals ensure that teachers will be given the tools and supports they need for students to succeed inside and outside of the classroom and not to be excluded because of those needs.“

—Debby Schneider Solis, Arminta ES and Bargaining Team Member