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LAUSD fails to offer counterproposals on Beyond Recovery package

The Expanded UTLA Bargaining Team met with seven district representatives again on May 26, and LAUSD still did not have a response to our Beyond Recovery package of proposals after 3 weeks. They had more questions, which we answered, but no counterproposals on the package.

The district did respond to our proposal on the calendar issue from May 19 with a counterproposal that still includes a longer year, four randomly scheduled “accelerated” Wednesdays, and a requirement that unit members not on C Basis work an extra day to make up for the 2021 Juneteenth holiday. We responded by again rejecting this ill-thought-out plan being pushed by Carvalho, which is about nothing but getting headlines. Our position was clear: no extension of the school year, no “accelerated” days, and no UTLA member being required to work or use benefit time to make up for the 2021 Juneteenth holiday.

We also reviewed our proposal on Shared Decision Making and School–Based Management, which includes expanded LSLC purview over PD and all budgetary items not covered by the SSC, and we reviewed our proposal on autonomous schools, which includes a more democratic process to become an autonomous school and to leave autonomous school status..

We are meeting again with the district on Thursday, June 2.

“As a Bargaining Team member, I have been meeting weekly with the chapter chairs in my cluster to discuss negotiations, and we are in regular communication about developments at the bargaining table. I know the chapter leaders and schools I work with are ready for solutions. It’s been three weeks since we gave LAUSD our proposals and they have not responded. To not come with a response shows a blatant disregard for the crisis that we are experiencing on a daily basis in our schools.”

—Ivannia Nolasco, Northridge Middle School, UTLA Bargaining Team Member