A designated Community School and BSAP school, Baldwin Hills Elementary was recognized in 2020 as a “distinguished school” by the California Department of Education for high student achievement and the unique educational opportunities it offers. However, Baldwin Hills Elementary’s primarily Black student body has been forced to share their campus with a charter school since 2016, which has been a drain on learning space, resources, and Special Education and social-emotional support programs for students.

“Students and parents are relying on the promise that the Community School initiative holds. Unfortunately, the co-located charter has Baldwin’s valuable classroom space that we need for our vital programs to operate at their true capacity.” —Marie Germaine, Baldwin Hills Elementary Educator

But this week, Baldwin Hills Elementary successfully gained back their campus. After a very public years-long fight, the charter company decided to leave in search of another space. It was the organizing work and persistence and leadership of Baldwin Hills educators, families, and community members that pushed the charter company to relinquish their hold on the campus space – not the district standing by its commitment to protect Community Schools from co-location.

The New Los Angeles Charter Schools company will leave the Baldwin Hills Elementary campus at the end of this school year before school starts in the Fall.