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UTLA 2024 Endorsements

Read about our endorsed candidates for School Board 2024

Scott Schmerelson, LAUSD School Board 3

Scott has been an educator for over 40 years (an LAUSD educator and administrator since 1978), starting as a high school teacher after becoming the first member of his family to graduate from college.

In the face of a powerful privatization machine, Scott Schmerelson has been a steadfast supporter of educators and public schools during his two terms on the school board. This year, when the district was threatening to undermine our voice in healthcare, Scott fought right beside us.

Corporate charter interests are coming back stronger than ever, and we can count on Scott Schemerelson to hold them accountable and stop privatizers from turning our schools into profit margins. We need Scott’s experience and leadership on the board to continue fighting together for public education.

Karla Griego, LAUSD School Board 5

Karla has been an LAUSD special education teacher for 19 years, working with the most vulnerable student populations, and is the parent of an LAUSD student.

Karla was a leader on the UTLA Board of Directors and helped shape UTLA’s organizing program in our contract campaigns, including the massive campaign that culminated in our 2019 strike. In 2023, Karla led her chapter in our 3-day solidarity strike. As a long-time leader in Reclaim Our Schools LA and a UTLA Board member, Karla has helped shape UTLA’s contract demands, including demands for Community Schools, green public schools, the Black Student Achievement Plan, support for Special Education, class size reduction, and more.

Karla is one of us and will be a force on the school board!