UTLA’s 85-member Expanded Bargaining Team met with LAUSD yesterday. Here are the latest updates on our proposals:


  • UTLA: 20% increase over 2 years
  • LAUSD: 8% increase over 2 years

Class Size

  • UTLA: Reduce class sizes by 4 in all grades at all schools over 2 years
  • LAUSD: Reduce class sizes in one grade at only 100 schools

Student Support Staffing

  • UTLA: Increase student support by reducing student to PSW, PSA, and School Psychologist ratios to 350:1 and the student to secondary counselor ratio to 300:1 over 2 years
  • LAUSD: Rejected

Special Education

  • UTLA: Enforceable class size caps, reduce autism class sizes by 2 students, limit SDC classes to 2 grade levels, and 3 paid release days per semester for IEP assessments
  • LAUSD: 3 paid release days per year for IEP assessments and rejection of the rest of these proposals


  • UTLA: Elimination of combination classes
  • LAUSD: Rejected

Hours, Duties, & Work Year

  • UTLA: 6-hour onsite obligation for non-classroom employees and prep time for elementary teachers
  • LAUSD: Rejected and proposed adding 1 hour of on site duty every Monday & Thursday

Master Plan

  • UTLA: Expand and increase differentials for multilingual and dual language educators, and include ASL in differential eligibility
  • LAUSD: Stipend for teaching target language in Dual Language & New Comer programs

Shared Decision Making

  • UTLA: Provide Local School Leadership Councils with control over most site budget money
  • LAUSD: Rejected


  • UTLA: Eliminate tests not required by the state or federal government
  • LAUSD: Rejected

Community Schools

  • Expand Community Schools from 34 to 171 and provide ongoing funding
  • LAUSD: Rejected

Black Student Achievement Plan

  • UTLA: Increase student support staffing and provide stipends to attract and retain educators at BSAP schools
  • LAUSD: Rejected

Equity in Schools

  • UTLA: Create Equity System to identify foundational needs for every school and prohibit any internal voucher system like SCF
  • LAUSD: Rejected

Healthy Green Schools

  • UTLA: Implement Climate Literacy Curriculum, convert to all electric bus fleet, install solar panels and EV chargers, and remove lead from all school drinking water
  • LAUSD: Rejected

We can NOT spend another year underpaid and understaffed. December 5, we turn up the pressure and make it clear to LAUSD we are prepared to fight for our profession and our schools.