Carvalho negotiated a four-year contract with the district for $440,000 per year — $90,000 a year more than Beutner. But, the district continues to offer the rest of us a mere 10% increase over 2 years despite skyrocketing costs of housing, gas, and food.

The district is sitting on more money than ever. Yet, LAUSD education workers are paid salaries that aren’t enough to afford rent or buy a house.

  • 2 out of 3 UTLA educators can’t afford to live where we work
  • 1 out of 3 SEIU 99 employees say they have been homeless or are at a serious risk of becoming homeless while working for LAUSD

SEIU 99 members are among the lowest paid LAUSD employees with an average annual salary of $20,233. Many are not guaranteed full-time hours or the same healthcare benefits as full-time employees.

Carvalho is making the choice to keep over 60,000 LAUSD employees — also LAUSD parents and members of the Los Angeles community — living paycheck to paycheck.

Show up March 15 to demand that Carvalho and the district invest in our schools and pay us the 20% raise we deserve.