For almost a year, the district has engaged in bad faith bargaining, delays, unlawful changes to contract terms, and coercive action at school sites in an effort to undermine educators. Meanwhile, UTLA members have been fighting for the past year for the pay increase, class-size reduction, staffing improvements, and student supports we need.

UTLA has filed multiple Unfair Practice Charges with the Public Employment Relations Board against the district for surveillance, lying about educator vacancies, threatening retaliation against educators, and most recently, unilaterally cutting the three-week winter break down to two weeks.


  • Acceleration Days: After UTLA educators overwhelmingly voted to boycott the pointless “Acceleration” days ad filed a UPC, the district finally negotiated and retracted its ill-conceived calendar.


  • Interfering with educators rights: During Back to School Nights, the district unlawfully threatened educators that they could not have flyers about working conditions. PERB issued a complaint against LAUSD for interfering with educators’ rights to communicate with parents.

FALL 2023

  • Hiding educator vacancies: In the fall, the district pulled librarians, counselors, and other UTLA members to cover classroom instruction with little notice. At first, the district hid the actual numbers. PERB issued a complaint against the district for their unlawful refusal to provide info to UTLA. 

MARCH 5, 2023

  • Delay and failure to exchange proposals in good faith: The district refused to provide info on topics related to bargaining, hindering UTLA bargaining team’s ability to evaluate the district’s proposals or formulate UTLA proposals.  
  • Illegal bargaining tactics and surveillance of UTLA organizers and members: The district’s illegal bargaining tactics include engaging in “surface bargaining,” as well as its surveillance of UTLA organizing efforts at Beaudry. 

MARCH 24, 2023

  • Threats of retaliation/Interrogation: District administrators threatened retaliation for support for SEIU’s strike and tried to buy off educators with promises of benefits for crossing picket lines. Administrators also illegally interrogated employees about whether they would participate in the solidarity strike.

MARCH 30, 2023 

  • Unilateral calendar change: On the first day of the SEIU UPC strike, the district announced it would unilaterally cut the three-week winter break to two weeks without ever raising the calendar at the bargaining table — flouting their legal obligation to bargain and ignoring the district’s own survey showing that more than 70% of families want the current calendar.

The district’s blatantly illegal conduct over the past year has interfered with our ability as a union to reach a fair contract to improve the lives of 35,000 educators and 500,000 students