Community Schools are a proven model for student success across the country and right here in LA. Through our 2019 strike, we pushed the district to fund the first 30 Community Schools. Then, last school year, we used our collective power to push the district to expand and increase funding for Community Schools. This school year, an additional 21 LAUSD schools were added in the latest cohort to become designated Community Schools.

Led by educators in collaboration with families, Community Schools in LAUSD have raised pupil enrollment, increased graduation rates, and improved student outcomes, as well as provided crucial services, including healthcare, therapy, and housing assistance. And Community School Coordinators are at the center, connecting the pieces to make these achievements possible.

September 17-23 is National Coordinator Appreciation Week. So, let’s celebrate the relentless work of Community School Coordinators to build the relationships and partnerships that make Community Schools such a successful model for what public education can be.