Educators, students, and parents held a rally on April 25 to demand LAUSD keep its promise to Community Schools and put an end to harmful co-location practices that undermine their success. 

Co-location has forced students at Trinity Elementary, a Community School, to be displaced from their classrooms and lose access to critical services and resources. West Vernon Elementary, which has been designated a Community School for the 2023-24 school year, is fighting co-location of their school property planned for next school year.

Emma Leyva, is a parent of two Trinity Elementary students. Because the school was forced to give up learning space to the co-locating charter school, her son’s classroom was moved to the auditorium and her daughter was moved off-campus. At the rally she said, “for me, my children’s education is the most important thing. But it seems like it doesn’t matter to LAUSD. How is my son supposed to learn, if he doesn’t even have a proper classroom?”

“We’re a school that is almost all students of color, we’re a Community School, and we serve some of the most vulnerable students and families within LAUSD. LAUSD needs to stand up for our students, and ensure that Trinity and West Vernon have the space we need to fulfill our mission as Community Schools. No student should be displaced by co-location or have their access to services disrupted.” 

—Jessica Polo, Trinity Elementary teacher