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Gloria is a National Board Certified Teacher in Special Needs, has been teaching for more than 15 years, and holds credentials in both general and special education.

Before being elected UTLA’s Elementary Vice President in 2017, Gloria was a longtime Chapter Chair at Rowan Elementary, where she led campaigns in support of special education compliance and gathered community support for UTLA-endorsed candidates for School Board and other key state initiatives. As a member of UTLA’s Board of Directors for East Area, Gloria went to the bargaining table to hammer away at LAUSD’s implementation of the flawed MISIS system and its impact on services for English language learners and special needs students and the educators who serve them.

Previously as the Elementary Vice President, Gloria led on Prop. 39 co-location fights to protect classroom space from encroachment by charter operators and in pushing back on overtesting that drains instructional time. She helps UTLA members organize to address site-based issues, from dysfunctional principals to amplifying educator and parent voices in school-site budget decisions. 

Gloria has been on the UTLA Bargaining Team since 2016. Through the power of UTLA member organizing, the Bargaining Team has secured contact victories on class size, staffing, salary, and more. During the pandemic, UTLA members secured health and safety protocols that were among the strongest in the nation.

A longtime special education teacher, Gloria is passionate about getting special needs students and families the resources they deserve. Gloria helped build Fulfill the Promise, a national coalition of educators, families, disability rights organizations, and community groups that is pushing Congress to fully fund IDEA at the promised 40%. Her work on the coalition includes hosting a Congressional briefing with elected leaders from across the country.