Dr. Rocio Rivas is All in for UTLA Educators, Parents, Students, and School Communities

Lifelong fighter for LA Public Schools: Dr. Rocío Rivas is an LAUSD alumna, the parent of an LAUSD student, and serves in Jackie Goldberg’s office. She walked with us during the 2019 Strike. She has spent her entire career fighting for more equitable funding and against the privatization of public schools.

Community Powered Campaign: Dr. Rocío Rivas is not taking a single dollar from corporate special interests. She only answers to the people. So when billionaire oligarchs try to privatize our schools and make money off of the education of our students, she will stand with us to protect our public schools.

Champion of Beyond Recovery: Dr. Rocío Rivas knows that the success of our students doesn’t only happen in the classroom. Dr. Rocío Rivas will fight for fully staffed schools, mental health resources, support for low-income students, and housing for unhoused families.

Bright Future for Public Education: Dr. Rocío Rivas will work with us to build a bright future of public education where we are paid enough to thrive in Los Angeles, our classrooms have everything we need, and our students have all the resources they need to succeed.

Dr. Rocío Rivas believes in us and the power of a vibrant public education system.

Building Partnership: Kelly Gonez for LAUSD School Board

From Public Schools, for Public Schools: Kelly Gonez is a former teacher who has fought for our students as President of the LAUSD Board. Under Kelly’s leadership, LAUSD has increased services for unhoused students, removed barriers to college for working-class students, and invested in early
childhood education.

Just Getting Started: With a second term, Kelly Gonez will champion universal preschool, equity in LAUSD policies, and increased college readiness. Kelly Gonez will fight to strengthen our schools by ensuring that LAUSD cares for the entire community.