After eight months of organizing, UTLA members at Frida Kahlo High School have won their campaign to get a new principal. In October, the Frida Kahlo High School community began organizing around issues regarding safety and harassment and the operation of the school budget and matrix. UTLA members organized alongside SEIU 99 and CSEA members, as well as parents and students. After months of escalating actions, the district finally had to listen, and on June 1, the district confirmed that it was removing the principal and assistant principal.

“This victory is one that parents, students, teachers, and staff will remember forever. We fought for our school and we won! This opportunity has served as a way for us to unite and fight for what we believe in and deserve. This win matters because it shows the district that organized schools cannot be ignored. Our students have learned to always do the right thing and that advocating for themselves means advocating for their community, their peers, and future students.”

—Kelly Mendoza, Chapter Chair, Frida Kahlo High School