UTLA is in bargaining with LAUSD over contract proposals shaped from the Beyond Recovery platform — the vision developed by UTLA members and community allies, and endorsed by a 96% YES vote by UTLA members.

After six months of negotiations, the district continues to offer woefully inadequate proposals and refuse to meet
the moment

The facts:
LAUSD started the school year with 700 educator vacancies — a crisis that led to widespread dislocation for educators, students, and families. The district must be a more attractive place to work, and that includes closing the wage gap. LAUSD teachers earn 22% less than the average
bachelor-degree-holding worker in LA.

• LAUSD has $3.4 billion in reserves that should be used RIGHT NOW to address critical educator, student, and community needs.

Nearly 70% of LAUSD educators have seriously considered quitting. This crisis is fueled by big class sizes, lack of full staffing, and the demoralizing impact of watching students struggle without the support they need.

The district will not respond to logic or need — they have, in fact, admitted in bargaining that students would benefit from lower class sizes and more counselors, PSAs, psychologists, and PSWs. LAUSD will only respond to educators, parents, and the community demonstrating that we have the power to win our demands.

The fight against the 4-day extended work year was a show of force, and the district caved. As we did in the 2019 strike, we will build power through a series of escalating actions.