For the past eight weeks, the Emerson Middle School community has been navigating turbulent waters. The indefinite removal of the principal and vice principal has left the school in a state of flux, with district band-aids unable to effectively address the needs of the school. This instability has led to an increase in student unrest, lapses in supervision, and a lack of support for educators in their classrooms.

Fed up with district inaction, Emerson Middle School educators have been organizing to demand progress by the district. On Thursday morning before school, they reached out to parents, seeking their support in addressing issues caused by district bureaucracy.

The core issue at Emerson Middle School is the pressing need for more staff. Currently, Emerson faces two vacant teacher positions, numerous unfilled paraprofessional roles, and a lack of auxiliary aids. This shortage has led to canceled field trips, delays in report card distribution, and unsupervised students, all of which is adversely affecting the learning environment for students and the working environment for educators. 

UTLA Chapter Chair Noriko Nakada said, “The lack of staff not only disrupts education but also endangers our school’s safety and environment. Addressing this is crucial for our community’s integrity and well-being.”

The message from the Emerson community is loud and clear: LAUSD Region West must prioritize the needs of the school and provide a concrete timeline for resolving the current staffing crisis. The determination shown by the UTLA members at Emerson Middle School is a testament to the power of organized effort in effecting change. 

Stand with Emerson! Contact LAUSD officials and demand they take action on the staffing crisis: 

• Superintendent Denise Collier at, (310) 914-2100

• Dr. Debra Bryant at

• Director Wantz at

• Board Member Melvoin at, (213) 241-6387