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Oct 19

School Site Picketing

7:00am - 10:00am


On October 19th, we’re picketing at our schools across Los Angeles before class starts, and we’re standing up for the Beyond Recovery platform.

The Beyond Recovery platform is about caring for our students and our communities. We are fighting to reverse decades of underinvestment by bargaining for higher educator pay, smaller class sizes, fully staffed classrooms, and more support for students like mental health resources, housing assistance, and more.

We will not accept piecemeal proposals from the district that only slightly move the needle, that does not establish a living wage, that only helps a few number of students, that move the needle imperceptibly, that boost pay only modestly, that help only a limited number of students, and that ignore the community needs.

On October 19 we picket across Los Angeles, and we stand up for our full platform of contract demands:

-Pay Increases to Close the Educator Wage Gap

-Smaller Class Sizes and More Student Support

-End Over Testing

-Equity for Schools and Communities

-Expand Community Schools and Targeted Supports

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