Last weekend, UTLA members hit the sidewalks to talk to voters about our endorsed school board candidates — Kahllid Al-Alim, Scott Schmerelson, and Karla Griego.

Hawkins High School journalism teacher Alyssa Shepherd Moore knocked on doors on Saturday with Wren Donegan, a new teacher at her school, to talk to voters about Kahllid Al-Alim.

“What I wasn’t anticipating was the number of students I was going to run into, former students and current students,” Moore said. “It was really exciting going out to walk.” She said that when one of her students recognized her at the door, she was able to secure a vote for Kahllid from an undecided voter — one of many votes for Kahllid that the two locked down during their walk.

The privatizers can’t buy these kinds of connections, no matter how many millions they spend.

UTLA members will be out walking every weekend until election day, March 5. Check with your Chapter Chair or sign up here.