For the past month, the school board has been considering a resolution to increase oversight of charter co-location and reduce the impact on neighborhood schools in LAUSD. Educators and families have stepped up to testify on the harmful impacts of charter co-location at their schools.

On Tuesday, September 26, the school board will vote on the resolution. (See page 6 of this document for the full text.)

The profit-driven California Charter Schools Association is extremely opposed to any kind of oversight or regulation. As they have in previous board meetings, we can expect them to pack the board room in an attempt to undermine the voices of impacted educators, students, and families.

Join educators, parents, and community members on Tuesday, September 26, to demand the school board protect our schools and pass the resolution.

Where: LAUSD Board Meeting at 333 S. Beaudry
When: Tuesday, September 26, at 3:15 PM (or come as soon as you can)

Note: If you are at a co-located school and have a faculty meeting this Tuesday, ask your principal if a few or more members can leave early to attend.

Justin Cohen, Community School Coordinator at Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets, told the school board last week that co-location is depriving the majority Black student body of the programs and resources they should have access to as a Community School. 

“We have two co-located charters on our campus. They take time and space out of our library, our auditorium, our athletic fields. As the Community School Coordinator, I do not have adequate space to actually host programming for the Community School on campus. We have no counseling spaces for our BSAP counselors to have private conversations. We are in a situation where we are basically guests on our campus, and our Black students deserve way more than that. This is their campus, their resources, and their future, and we need to protect that.”