Students at Peary Middle School in Gardena are organizing for change, saying that current learning conditions do not rise to the school’s proud tradition as a strong neighborhood public school.

Last month, students circulated a petition identifying key improvements they are calling for, including:

• A clean and peaceful campus

• Consistent discipline and accountability

• A voice in electives, clubs, field trips, and events

That petition — signed by more than 300 students, staff members, and parents — was presented on February 26 to the administration.

“We want to improve the school climate and learning environment for ALL students,” says Cinnamyn Earles, Peary’s Student Body President. “Unfortunately, these issues continue to be unresolved despite the administration being continuously brought aware that we need these issues to be addressed and properly dealt with. Recommendations have been given from student body councils, and students took the time to have these concerns written up and signed petitions in hopes that administration would take the necessary steps.”  

Cinnamyn Earles
Peary’s Student Body President

So far, administration has failed to acknowledge the issues raised in the petition. In the face of inaction, students are organizing with parents and educators to bring their concerns to the school’s Shared Decision Making Council on March 7.

“The main objective is to create a safe, supportive, and educational environment where administration can work with the students and teachers,” Earles says. “By doing this, we hope that the remainder of our school year will be a lasting great memory. We hope that the students’ voices will be heard this time.”