Reclaim Our Schools LA was formed in 2016 to build solidarity among students, families, educators, and communities in the fight for the vibrant public education system we know is possible.

Together with Reclaim Our Schools LA partners, we engaged over 500 students, parents, educators, and community members last year in the development of the Beyond Recovery Platform.

Through this coalition, community allies have stood with us against the privatization of our schools, successfully advocated for funding, Community Schools, and marched in
our historic 2019 strike and again on October 19 during our morning picket for the Beyond Recovery platform.

Reclaim Our Schools LA builds a unified front to push meaningful solutions for what students are facing inside and outside the classroom – racial injustice, criminalization of immigrant families, homelessness, and the climate crisis.

Members of Reclaim Our Schools LA are ramping up to deepen support for the Beyond Recovery platform as we escalate our actions.