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Eliminating Section 1.5 from the CBA

A major victory

Now that we have the win of enforceable class size caps, we can press to lower them even further in future bargaining, from TK-12 and adult school, from core subjects to elective classes.

Section 1.5 of the contract was part of the bargaining agreement the district abused time-after-time to exceed class size maximums, thus unilaterally driving up class sizes.

Eliminating section 1.5 from the contract was a huge win for us. As a result of this elimination, we can now start enforcing the class size from the 2017-18 Class Size Memorandum of Understanding in the 2019-20 school year. The new contract goes into effect July 1, 2019.

Further reductions will occur through the 2022-23 school year in middle and secondary classes — up to seven students in some class types.


Where We Were

Chart Legend

  • PHBAO = Predominantly Hispanic, Black, Asian & Other Non-Anglo.
  •  = Schools Governed by the Student Integration Program.
  •  = In order to be considered a magnet class in a magnet center, a class must contain more than 75% magnet students.

2017-18 Class Size MOU Chart

Download 2017-18 Class Size MOU

Where We Are Going

Class Size Caps Phased Through 2022-23

Download 2019-2023 Phased Class Size Chart

* Nearly 150 TK3 Classes that are currently  in violation of the MDU due to Section 1.5 will experience an immediate  reduction, due to the complete elimination of Section 1.5

** Secondary ELA and Math classes will be capped at 39 effectively  2019-20.

‡ For TK-3 magnet classes, the 2017-18 class size MOU that reductions are based on, has lower
caps than the CBA. UTLA will have the opportunity to bargain to lower caps before
the higher caps become effective in 2022-2023.


1) 75 targeted high needs elementary and 15 middle schools will be reduced by a total of 3

2) 75 targeted high needs elementary and 15 middle schools will be reduced by a total of 4

3) 75 targeted high needs elementary and 15 middle schools will be reduced by a total of 6


The steady reduction of class size maximums will naturally reduce class size averages. Class size averages will be officially reduced to CBA levels (from the 1.5 MOU) in 2022-23.


Class Size Standards*

*2014-17 CBA

2.0 Class Size Averages & Maximum for:

NOTE: See Appendix G and Appendix H for separate class size agreements negotiated specifically for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years.

Class Sizes for EEC, SPED & PHYSICAL ED

Early Education Centers

  • The maximum ratio of students per teacher is 1:24
  • Ratio for toddlers (2 years) is 1:6
  • Ratio for 3, 4 & 5 years old is 1:8
  • Mixture of ages per class based on 24 student class size (sample scenario below)
    • 10 are 2 years old
    • 14 are mix of 3, 4 & 5 years old, then ratio is 1:8
  • NOTE: If the ratio of the 2-year-olds equal to 13 or more per class, then the ratio is reduced to 1:6

Referenced by Early Education Division, federal Title XXII regulations.

Special Education

Refer Appendix A in the new 2019-2022 agreement of the contract.

Physical Education

Refer to Article XVIII – Class Size, Section 2.4of the 2014-17 Bargaining Agreementfor Physical Education.

Section 2.4 Summary

Non-elective Secondary Physical Education classes provided by the Physical Education Department (excluding elective PE classes, team sports, and activity classes such as Band, Pep Squad and Drill Team) are to have a maximum class size of 55.

Class Size Intake Form

This is the class size intake form you must submit to your chapter chair if you feel you have exceeded the contractual student ratio standards in your class.

Class Size Intake Form (also found in Forms Directory under “C” for class size)


For more information about new class sizes, contact your UTLA Area Representative or if you are unsure who your area representative is email