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The Itinerant Assignments Form is for all members who are not assigned to a single site. “Members not assigned to a single work site a majority of the time or whose cost center does not accurately reflect their work site(s) shall be assigned to a UTLA Area based on where they actually work, and the principles adopted by the House of Representatives.” (Election Manual, IV. Voter eligibility, B.)


This Itinerant Assignments Form is for UTLA members who work at more than one work site or who have a cost code that does not match the school where they are working. If you work throughout the District or Local District, you may identify Beaudry or a Local District Office as your work site if appropriate.

This includes:

  • Substitute Teachers
  • Itinerant Health and Human Services Professionals
  • All teachers who are assigned to more than one site

Members who are Itinerant members should complete this form so that you can be on a school roster. You will be assigned to a UTLA Area based on the schools where you work 50% or more of the time. If you work at schools throughout the district, and your cost center is Beaudry, then you may list Beaudry and that you work 100% at Beaudry. If you are assigned to a Local District and work at different schools throughout the Local District, you may write the name of the Local District as your site and write that you work there 100% of the time. Or you may choose to list the schools and the percentage of time at each school.

UTLA is very large. Just as the District has Local Districts, UTLA has regional Areas. They are North, South, East, West, Central, Valley West, Valley East, and Harbor. Areas are an important structure within UTLA. By filling out the form below you will be connected to an area, and can run for any Area position (including Steering Committee), and you will be listed on a school roster (where you work more than 50% of the time).

If you are an HHS member and work one day a week at a particular school that would be 20%, two days would be 40%, and two days and a half would be 50%. Or if you are assigned to a Local District Office or Beaudry, you may list the Local District or Beaudry.

Substitute teachers could estimate their time by using a couple of weeks as a sample and writing down three to five schools where they commonly work. If you routinely teach at one school, you could list that school for 50% of the time and divide the other 50% among the other schools. The substitute calling map at may be helpful.

If you are in the Arts Branch and have 9 weeks at one school the first semester, you can say you are at that school 50% of the time. Estimate and divide the other 50% between the remaining schools for the semester. Or if you are assigned to a local district you may choose to list the Local District 100% of the time at the Local District.

All other teacher members on special assignment may use these principles to complete this form. If you are more like HHS and have a regular weekly schedule for the year you could use that method. If work at many different schools in the District or Local District, and perhaps you can’t anticipate where you will be sent, list Beaudry or your local District.

Itinerant Assignment Form

I am a member of the following...(Required)
School/Work locations I am assigned to, ordered by most to least(Required)
School/Work Location
Approx % per week
Total percents should equal 100
I declare the above assignment information to be true to the best of my knowledge(Required)
These assignments are only valid for the current school year.