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For two decades, academics and policymakers have persistently warned of an ongoing and alarming national teacher shortage while a bipartisan political campaign has been waged against professionalism and greater spending on public education.

During the pandemic, this crisis has moved from a warning to an acute, everyday reality. Veteran educators are retiring in massive numbers. Early and mid-career educators are burned out and have been pushed to their breaking point. And the educator labor pipeline is running dry.

UTLA’s “Burned Out, Priced Out: Solutions to the Educator Shortage Crisis” is the work of Andrew Elrod (Researcher), Anthony LeClair (Data Specialist), and Millie Guerbaoui (Research Coordinator). The report details how the educator shortage crisis impacts LA, pairing the alarming results of the UTLA Educator Survey from the Spring 2022 semester with analysis and data from state and national shortage studies.