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For UTLA Elected Representatives Only

Due to the ongoing pandemic we have created an email account (an address) for every Chapter. This email is different from your email address (if you have previously been issued one). This will allow us to provide a roster electronically to you as well as provide Chapter Chairs access to a NON-LAUSD email account. Chapter Chairs should use this email account to conduct and communicate Chapter Chair union business safely and securely.

While you may use a personal email address or your address for union communication, we strongly advise that you use the designated Chapter Chair mailbox to conduct Chapter Chair business. 

Your roster will be located as an attachment to an email sent to your mailbox. Click on the Outlook icon to access the mailbox.

Outlook icon to access the mailbox.

If you are finding yourself getting logged into another account please make sure you log out and choose the option to sign into another account.

To sign out click on your initials in the top right and choose sign out.

Outlook icon to sign out of email account.

Visit again and choose the Switch to a different account option.

Outlook icon to switch to a different account.

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