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As part of the UTLA/LAUSD contract, educators increase their annual salary by taking classes to improve their effectiveness as teachers.  This article covers some of the basics.  

For more information, go to the Joint Salary Point Credit Committee website at

Salary Points Scale

In order to maximize your salary – and your retirement – make sure you have completed 98 salary points by the end of your tenth year of service.

For every 14 salary points, you move to the next box, or “schedule,” on the T Salary Table or L Salary Table. In order to start on career increments (the 11-14 “tail” and the CI smaller box at the bottom of the chart), you have to have completed 98 salary points. (There was a rule about having to complete two more salary points after the tenth year, but it has been eliminated.)

University or College Coursework

Semester units are equal to one salary point.  Quarter units are equal to two-thirds of a semester unit.  Coursework has to be related to courses which are commonly taught in K-12 in LAUSD.  (There was a rule that courses had to be related to your current assignment, but that rule was changed in 2008.)

Note: You cannot receive credit for the same course within a five-year period.

Finding Salary Point Classes

Check out these places where salary point courses are regularly listed:

Earning Multicultural Salary Points

In order for teachers to move past Schedule 22 on the pay scale, they must complete four multicultural salary points.  Until 2008, there used to be “specific” and “general” classifications, but these have been eliminated. Multicultural points can be earned through U points, P points, and NA points. Most teachers working on a CLAD or BCLAD will meet the requirement, and District interns will satisfy the multicultural requirements as part of their program. Many of our UTLA committees offer salary points for their conferences and classes later this year. Most classes are offered for free or a nominal charge.

Claiming Salary Point Credit

There are a number of forms for the submission of salary point credit.  Even though the forms are all different, the salary points all count the same.  The forms for each of the processes can be found here.  

  • U Points: Fill out a U form to submit accredited-university units that you have earned after your bachelor’s degree. Follow the directions regarding transcripts and course descriptions. Note: before you start an online course, make sure that it includes regular contact with the instructor and other students as part of the design – classes which do not have this will be denied.  Click for a list of classes not eligible for credit.
  • P Point Classes: P classes are given by LAUSD employees, and are reviewed by the JSPCC.
    • There are two formats:
      • 15 hours of class time with 30 hours of homework/preparation, and
      • 30 hours of class time with no homework/preparation. The maximum cost for these classes is $25 for materials. Instructors for P-Form classes submit documents for teachers, so there is no further form for you to fill out; however, you should receive a receipt for your files.
  • You can earn double points if you write and teach a salary point class. Contact the JSPCC for more information at
  • NA Point Classes: Non-accredited institutions also offer classes to teachers, and are also reviewed by the JSPCC.  NA classes can have high fees; otherwise, they operate the same way as P classes.
  • NA Points Through PD:  Teachers can use an NA form to submit professional development hours taken during times they have not been paid (so, for example, “banked time” is ineligible), including from foreign colleges and universities. Teachers receive one salary point for each 30 hours of PD time (not including prep time.)  Be sure to collect verification of attendance (such as a certificate, administrator’s signature on letterhead, or transcripts.) When possible, you should submit the NA form as a proposal before you start, and then resubmit it with the verification documents after you are done.
  • T Points: T points are for travel related to what you are teaching. Travel points need to be planned in advance.  Fill out a T form, and make sure that everything is completed at least two weeks prior to the trip. There are certain regulations, including that the destination be at least 300 miles from your home and it not be a place you’ve lived in or visited before. You must write two pages for each week of travel. Two weeks equals one point (unless you were hired prior to June 30, 1986). There is a limit of seven points (14 points if hired prior to 1986).  Refer to Article XV 20.0 of the UTLA/LAUSD contract.

Time Frame for Salary Allocation to Credit as Salary Points

Credit should be granted within 12 weeks of the date the paperwork is submitted. With P and NA points, credit is given back to the date that the class ended. Credits for U points are determined by the date you turn it in.  Be sure to turn in your paperwork as quickly as possible!

Verifying Your Salary Points

Points that have been entered into the system can be viewed here at this website. If you have any questions call the Salary Allocation unit.

Contact for Support

  • Salary Allocation Unit
    (213) 241-6121