PHOTO: Trinity and West Vernon Elementary School educators, students, parents, and community members during a joint rally on April 25 against the district’s harmful co-location practices. Trinity Elementary School has since been successful in reclaiming its property from charter co-location.

Under California Proposition 39, charter school companies are authorized to co-locate public school property by claiming any so-called unused classroom and learning space. The district’s implementation of Prop 39 has allowed co-locating charter schools to take space away from neighborhood schools, forcing classes to move to auditoriums and outdoor spaces, and even displacing students to other schools. Especially for Community Schools and Black Student Achievement Plan schools, charter co-location has been a drain on essential resources, damaging the promise to students that these programs offer.

But because of the relentless organizing work of UTLA members, students, parents, and community members, the school board is considering a motion to limit the impact of charter co-location in LAUSD. On August 22, the school board will consider a resolution that would require the district to create a policy to protect Community Schools and Black Student Achievement Plan schools from co-location, and include guidelines to prohibit interference with a school’s ability to serve local students. It would also require more oversight of co-located charters. See page 6 of this document for the full text of the resolution.

We know this motion will not be passed without a fight. We can expect that the profit-driven California Charter Schools Association will try to use their power to influence the school board and undermine the voices of impacted educators, students, and parents. But we have the power to win when we stand up together for our students.

Following Tuesday’s hearing, the school board will continue meeting on this resolution throughout September. If you are interested in attending a board meeting and giving public comment in support of the resolution, please contact UTLA Area Rep Katie Miles at