After almost two years at the bargaining table with the district and no real

movement on their demands for competitive salaries, job security, and clean, safe schools, SEIU Local 99 declared impasse in December 2022.

SEIU Local 99 members will be voting on a strike authorization between January 23 – February 10. If an agreement cannot be reached through the impasse procedures, which include mediation and a fact-finding hearing, then Local 99 will be able to legally go on strike.

Local 99 represents workers essential to our schools including custodians, food service workers, teacher assistants, Special Education assistants, bus drivers, playground supervisors, after-school workers, and more. Local 99 members are vital to keeping our schools running and students ready to learn but, are among the lowest paid LAUSD employees.

This week, UTLA’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to support SEIU Local 99 if they go on strike and to encourage UTLA members to exercise their rights by not crossing the picket line if SEIU Local 99 ultimately goes on strike

“Our power as workers — educators and all who work to provide service to LAUSD students — comes from our unity. That is why the UTLA Board of Directors voted unanimously to support SEIU Local 99 in their fight for a fair and equitable contract. In negotiations with both UTLA and SEIU, LAUSD continues refusing to address essential bargaining demands for the basic needs of employees, students and our communities, despite sitting on almost $4.9 Billion in reserves. We will stand in solidarity with our sisters, brothers, and siblings in SEIU Local 99 in every step of their struggle.”  — Cecily Myart-Cruz, UTLA President

Support from parents and community members, including thousands of SEIU Local 99 members who joined our picket lines and rallies, made the difference in our 2019 strike. We will show them the same support. We are fighting the same fight for the future of our public schools.

SEIU has not yet set a strike date. UTLA leaders will stay in close communication with Local 99 leaders and provide additional updates.