The UTLA House of Representatives (HOR) is the policy-making governance body of UTLA that meets at least 5 times per year. Membership numbers determine the number of Area Representatives.

Starting this week, self-nominations are open for the January 2023 to December 2024 two-year term for HOR members and alternates. 

The responsibilities of the HOR as stated in the UTLA Constitution Article V, Section 5, 9, and 10 are as follows:

  1. Attend all required and special meetings of the House
  2. Participate in the complete business portion of the meeting
  3. Attend all Area Meetings
  4. Report activities of the House to Area constituents
  5. Abide by the HOR Code of Conduct stated before every meeting (passed HOR 3/17/2022)

If you are interested in representing your UTLA Area as an HOR member please fill out the fillable Self-Nomination form and email to by December 16, 2022. Special Section Representatives will also be elected according to Article V. Section 1 D, and HOR chair persons and BOD will automatically be on the HOR.

The first meeting of the new House of Representatives is scheduled for February 1, 2023.