This coming Wednesday, December 14, striking UC workers will be hosting the “We Won’t Stop” Rally at 9:30 am to demand fair wages and an equitable workplace and UC system while the UC Regents meet at the UCLA Luskin Center. 

Since November, over 48,000 workers across all University of California campuses went on strike to demand a livable wage, safe work conditions, support for affordable housing and transportation as well as investment in international students. Already, Assistant Researchers and Postdocs have won strong contracts, while Academic Student employees and Student Researchers are still on strike. The UC Strike comes as part of a larger wave of educators and workers showing their power to demand the workplaces and schools that they deserve.

The University of California Administration has refused to bargain the full scope of the worker’s demands. However, the UC Regents have the power to take action and make the investments that workers are demanding. Come out to support on Wednesday or donate to their strike fund and learn more about how you can support the workers.