After three days of voting, UTLA members across Los Angeles have voiced their overwhelming support for the Beyond Recovery platform — 96% of voters said YESto a commitment to fight for:

  • pay increases and economic issues that UTLA members need addressed
  • working and teaching conditions
  • student learning conditions and needs
  • community needs that impact LAUSD students

Within the seven pillars of the platform is our shared vision for addressing the issues that as educators we know were only worsened by the pandemic. These are the demands we are rallied around for what our school communities need to fully recover and move forward beyond that.

“This is the first time we embarked on this democratic process to form a platform, collectively identified and voted on by UTLA educators across Los Angeles, before negotiations with LAUSD begin,” said UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz. “Our platform reflects common good priorities to win the conditions inside and outside the classroom we know our students deserve, we deserve, and LA deserves.”

The next step will be the development of the formal proposals, shaped directly from the framework of this platform, that together we stand behind as United Teachers Los Angeles.