Portland Educators on Week Two of Strike: This week, educators in Portland, Oregon flooded the school board on day five of their historic strike. Portland educators are “invigorated by the overwhelming support from educators coast to coast” to hold out for their demands for smaller class sizes, increased salaries, and more.

SAG-AFTRA Actors Win TA: After 17 weeks on strike, actors have reached a tentative agreement with Hollywood studios. The TA includes compensation increases, streaming bonuses, AI protections, and more. Both SAG-AFTRA and WGA writers won major concessions from Hollywood studios after walking out together for the first time in over 60 years.

Disney Workers Vote to Unionize: Last week, production workers at Disney animation studios voted 93% YES to unionize. This win follows recent successful efforts to unionize by VFX workers at Marvel studios and production workers at Nickelodeon.

Garment Workers Demand Higher Wages: Thousands of garment workers in Bangladesh are protesting for a minimum wage increase from $75 per month to $208. Major fashion brands like H&M, Zara, and Gap employ factory workers in Bangladesh which is home to 4 million garment workers — mostly women. This week, Bangladesh officials brokered an increase to $113 per month, which workers say is not enough.