On Monday, nearly 50,000 academic workers across the University of California’s 10 campuses went on strike, marking the largest in the country this year.

Union workers including graduate students, teaching assistants, post-doctoral scholars, academic researchers, and student researchers voted to strike as University of California has engaged in unlawful behavior at the bargaining table. The university is using tactics to delay bargaining on living wages, childcare subsidies, transit benefits, and rights for international scholars.

We are in this fight together for a strong public education system. During our 2019 strike, support from other unions kept us going and multiplied our power.

1. Send a message of encouragement and solidarity.
As the university uses tactics to delay bargaining (sound familiar?), workers on the picket lines could use your encouragement to hold strong. Record a video or post a message of support on social and tag @UTLANow and #FairUCNow:

  • This @UTLANow Educator is in solidarity with our union siblings at every UC campus who are fighting for their rights! #FairUCNow
  • @UTLANow educators are in solidarity with striking UC workers! Together we will create schools that work for ALL of us.
  • Power to all those on the picket lines for the schools and workplaces we deserve! #FairUCNow

2. Join the picket line.
Find picket locations here. Join between 8 AM – 4 PM, rallies start at 3 PM:

  • Monday, Nov 21
  • Tuesday, Nov 22
  • Wednesday, Nov 23 (optional: bring food for celebration rally)

3. Donate to the Strike Support and Hardship Fund.