This week, all eight unions of LAUSD workers sent a joint letter to the LAUSD School Board, alerting board members to the district’s “stunningly inflammatory” first proposal in healthcare negotiations last week.

In a blatant attempt at a power grab, the district wants to suppress union say in healthcare and dismantle the union-majority Health Benefits Committee. The district’s proposal would change the voting makeup of the Health Benefits Committee from 9 votes (1 per each union and 1 for the district) to 2 votes (1 vote for all unions and 1 for the district). By decimating the union vote, the district would have an increased ability to cut costs and offer subpar plans. 

Calling the proposal “both disappointing and insulting and a clear invitation to conflict,” the unions question why LAUSD would want to dismantle the system that has successfully managed healthcare costs for decades. 

The next healthcare session is scheduled for September 27.