United Teachers Los Angeles condemns the egregious behavior by bigoted protestors that outed the gender identity of a teacher at Saticoy Elementary. At a time of unprecedented threats against the LGBTQIA+ community and anti-trans legislation, this unwarranted reponse is a blatant attempt to create a hostile environment, not just for visibly transgender people, but for anyone who does not fit neatly into strict male or female gender presentations.

Whether North Carolina or California, public schools should be considered safe havens for our students, communities, and the educators who serve them. No educator, regardless of whether or not they conform to gender stereotypes, should have to go to work and fear any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening disruptive behavior may occur against them. 

Every day, we organize to give all educators dignity at work, free of racial, gender and sexual orientation discrimination. Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase of educators being singled out, berated and threatened with violence by anonymous trolls for simply performing their jobs. The actions at Saticoy Elementary are clearly another brazen attempt perpetrated by the intolerant minority to divide our communities and demean educators. Our children and the LGBTQ+ families at Saticoy look to us adults to model our best behaviors. We can either teach students that people and families come in all shapes and sizes, or we can choose to teach fear-mongering and hate.

We pride ourselves on our rich LGBTQIA+ history and diversity that’s made California one of the most progressive and welcoming places in the world. Attacking and ostracizing trans teachers shreds the fabric of our state. United Teachers Los Angeles stands with the trans community and will vigorously oppose any actions, boycotts, or other demonstrations used to intimidate LGBTQ+ educators and families. Furthermore, we demand LAUSD abide by the law and take swift action to protect its employees from harassment by third parties.