Ballots are still being counted, but many UTLA-endorsed campaigns have gained majority as Los Angeles voters rejected corporate, privatizer politics in favor of grassroots-backed candidates and progressive values.
Karen Bass is our Mayor-elect. Hugo Soto-Martinez will represent City Council District 13. Measure United to House LA has won. Tony Thurmond kept his seat as State Superintendent. Carlos Cerdan won his seat for the Montebello School Board. Propositions 1 and 28 were passed, and Proposition 27 was defeated. Kelsey Iino and Steven Veres are poised to win re-election to the LA Community College Board. Lindsey Horvath will likely be the next County Supervisor for District 3. And our endorsed candidate for Board District 2, Dr. Rocío Rivas, is establishing a more solid lead every single day. Kelly Gonez for Board District 6 is leading but the race is still too close to call. 
Every door we knocked, every voter we talked to, every community we organized has contributed to building a powerful new politics based in solidarity, love, care, and abundance. The work continues, but today we celebrate the victories that we collectively worked for.