While we have worked tirelessly on proposals that help us best support our students and build strong LA school communities, Carvalho and the district have been using shady tactics to protect their self-interests.

So today, UTLA filed an unfair practice charge against the district for numerous violations of the Educational Employment Relations Act. 

  • Delay and failure to exchange proposals in good faith. Our bargaining team has met with the district for 25 sessions, and the district only started making movement on our proposals in the past few weeks.
  • Misrepresentation of facts at the table. Carvalho repeatedly stated that there were no classroom vacancies. When UTLA requested information about the vacancies, the district did not respond.
  • Surveillance of UTLA organizers and members. In February, a group of UTLA organizers and members were photographed by LAUSD’s building manager as they set up a table with organizing materials in the cafeteria of LAUSD’s Beaudry building. This constitutes unlawful surveillance of union activity