The results are in! UTLA members voted 94% YES to ratify the 2022-25 tentative agreement. A total of 27,171 members voted — with 25,575 voting yes and 1,596 voting no.

We fought together for more than a year to win our Beyond Recovery demands. With this agreement, we are setting a new standard – not just for LA schools, but for public education nationwide.

“This agreement demonstrates that when we stand together, we can transform our schools for the better. It acknowledges the impact of the pandemic, years of disinvestment and economic hardship, while standing firm on things school faculty need to provide quality education to our students. This contract will set the national standard for all other educators to achieve liveable wages and solidify an equitable future where students are supported in a healthy learning environment.—Cecily Myart-Cruz, UTLA President

On Tuesday, May 9, the school board will vote on final approval of the contract.