At the start of the COVID crisis, the district rolled out a plan that incentivized secondary schools to adopt a block schedule. The rationale was that block schedules are more conducive for credit recovery opportunities and allows more scheduling flexibility and support for academic achievement. This was funded using emergency federal dollars, known as ESSER funds.

Now, because the ESSER funds are coming to an end, the district is backing off their initial push and will no longer support schools financially as previously promised. For the next school year, the district will partially fund high schools only and will give no support to middle school grades.

UTLA is pushing back and asking the district to fulfill their commitment to the schools and fully fund them the block schedules. The district encouraged and incentivized secondary schools to choose a block schedule and now they are turning their backs on the much-needed support. Schools that have voted to enact these alternative schedules should be supported, not penalized. For more information, contact UTLA Secondary Vice President Alex Orozco at