(Los Angeles, CA) — Today the Supreme Court made the egregious decision to reverse the settled legal precedent Roe v. Wade to benefit themselves and right-wing extremists — at the expense of the working class. Make no mistake, this is a direct attack on women and trans/nonbinary people, and will force millions into a life of uncertainty, instability, and fear. Most families are living paycheck to paycheck, maternal mortality is high among women of color, the cost to access health and child care is exorbitant, schools are being defunded and affordable housing is scarce. In our own LAUSD school district, 80% of the families we serve live at or below the poverty line. Gutting a legal right Americans have had for nearly 50 years is just the beginning of how this court will continue to limit all of our freedoms.

This is also the context that will lead to the criminalization of the poor and people of color in many states, who will continue to seek safe abortions from committed healthcare workers and reproductive providers, while those with abundant resources will have the ability to access abortions without penalty.

Today may seem bleak but we vow to fight to help all people access safe and legal abortions if they so choose. Reproductive rights are workers’ rights. That is why we are organizing alongside the communities we serve to collectively defend our right to dignified lives. All of us — teachers, counselors, students and families — deserve access to quality housing, mental and health services, education and more. We are building our power and we will stand with the reproductive justice movement and fight back.