AGAIN, after we clearly and decisively won against the Acceleration Days in the fall, Carvalho is trying to illegally imposed a unilateral change to the school calendar without bargaining with UTLA.

On Monday, the school board approved a 2023-26 School Calendar that shortens Winter Break from three weeks to two, despite Carvalho bypassing bargaining the change with UTLA and ignoring their own survey which showed overwhelming parent and staff support for the existing three weeks of Winter Break.

School calendar changes are mandatory subjects of bargaining. UTLA leadership sent a legal letter demanding LAUSD immediately rescind the school board action along with a letter to Carvalho from UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz and Executive Director Jeff Good. This calendar move exemplifies Carvalho’s refusal to bargain in good faith and his willful disdain of worker rights. By openly disregarding labor law and ignoring the voices of parents and staff, Carvalho continues to prove that he is not a leader. The school board’s approval demonstrates a failure to hold Carvalho accountable.

Contact your school board member to protest this unilateral and illegal change to the school calendar. Call them out for failing to stand up to a superintendent who openly disregards labor law and silences the voices of parents, staff, students, and families.