By Betsy Ures
Plasencia Elementary

I am excited to throw down to get Karla Griego elected to the LAUSD school board! Karla and I walked the line together last school year in our solidarity strike with SEIU Local 99, and in 2019 she led the UTLA North Area in our strike that inspired educators across the country to stand up for ourselves and public schools. 

If you haven’t met Karla yet, let me introduce you. Karla is a dedicated Special Education teacher of 19 years, an LAUSD parent, and a community organizer for the schools our students deserve. She has been a UTLA North Area leader, a Chapter Chair, and a fierce advocate for students. Karla will be an organizer in office!

For Karla to bring her leadership from the classroom to the school board, UTLA members like me and you need to get involved. If you knocked doors for Rocío Rivas last year, you know the collective impact we have in determining who sits on the school board and makes decisions that affect us and our students. 

In this race, we need even more of us walking the precincts to have transformative conversations with our communities. This is not just about electing Karla; we can bring more working people into our vision for healthy, supportive, and empowered public schools. This is another pivotal moment to stand up for high quality public schools and fight the cycle of austerity and privatization that have gone unchecked. 

Getting Karla on the school board is the next step in our fight for a more transparent, student-centered, and community-driven LAUSD. This is our chance to put one of US on the school board. 

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