The Wilson High School community has been working together with a USC community-oriented doctor for over a decade to get a mobile clinic at their school — and after 16 years, they finally got it. 
School staff, students, families, and the local community have long recognized the need for on-site healthcare services tailored specifically for the community of Wilson High. The Asian Youth Center, Urban Visionaries, Dream Allies Network, UTLA Ethnic Studies educators, and student and parent leaders have worked toward securing critical investments in a mobile clinic for years.
The Wilson High community in partnership with USC Clinician Educator Dr. Breck R. Nichols was instrumental in connecting all the pieces to make the mobile clinic a reality. Relationship building plus student and parent-led data gathering and analysis were key to this win for the Wilson High community. This year, students will have access to on-campus healthcare from a provider who is deeply connected and committed to the school community.