No Time to Lose

On December 5, thousands of UTLA educators, parents, students, community leaders, and union partners turned out at each regional rally in an incredible show of power. Our impact reached thousands more on social media and in the news.

For seven months, the district has rejected our proposals and failed to bring any real solutions while pushing negative proposals to add working hours and diminish our ability to take collective action.

At each of the three rallies, UTLA educators, students, parents, and community leaders spoke united to demand that LAUSD stop stalling and get serious about negotiating the Beyond Recovery platform.

“They say ‘this money is reserved for a crisis.’ What is this then? Carvalho – you have yet to hear our students, parents, and our teachers.”

Alicia Baltazar, parent and Reclaim Our Schools LA leader

“I am disappointed by the levels and layers of disrespect we are met with by district officials over the last 7 months. At every meeting, LAUSD rejects common-sense proposals that would transform our schools.”

Guenevere Alapag-Spiller, UTLA Bargaining Team Member

“We are all here today fighting to protect our schools and because we know better conditions aren’t just needed. They’re attainable. And they’re what we deserve.”

Cecily Myart-Cruz, UTLA President

“We need LAUSD to listen to teachers because they teach the next generation. We want students of color to go to college and reach their goals. We want more counselors, librarians, and nurses in schools – NOT cops.”

Sahara Fisher, 10th grader and Students Deserve leader