From Los Angeles to Glendale, it is clear that organized white-supremacist, fascist forces such as the Proud Boys, the Patriot Front and potentially others are specifically targeting LGBTQ+ students, families and educators. They have put our schools on the front line of their hate; preying on existing fears and prejudices in our communities. We expect the tactics at Saticoy and Glendale to be replicated.  

They fear the inclusive world we are building in our classrooms. They are terrified of the affirmation and acceptance we foster in our schools. Ultimately, they know that their ability to police, repress and control is slipping away. Good.  

We wholeheartedly condemn the violence and attacks instigated by these outside fascist organizations. They have no place in our schools and in public life. We are, however, heartened by the community outpouring in defense of our queer and trans students, educators and families. Our LGBTQ+ community members know that in the face of these horrible attacks, the people have their back. 

We renew our commitment to standing with the LGBTQ+ and gender diverse community and all those rising to defend them.